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West University Location

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The West University Team

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Location FAQ

At Mōtiv Fitness, you’ll find all the tools you need to grow stronger, both physically and mentally. We believe community is key, and it’s our goal to surround you with encouraging and supportive staff to help you along your individual fitness journey. 

Take advantage of all five of our methods: Barre, Cycle, Trampoline, Yoga, and HIIT, and find your perfect balance of strength, cardio, and toning.  We hope to see you soon!

We’re located at 2518 Bissonnet in the West University area of Houston near Rice University and Rice Village.

We have complimentary parking on site, first come, first serve. There is street parking nearby . Please remember to lock your car and leave valuables at home and not inside your vehicle.

We recommend arriving at the studio 10 minutes early so we can show you around the studio, introduce you to your instructor, and educate you on the equipment.

  • CYCLE: Clip-in shoes required. Our pedals are SPD, DELTA/LOOK compatible. (rentals available for $4) 
  • BARRE: Socks (with or without grips) required. (available for purchase in-studio)
  • TRAMPOLINE, HIIT and DANCE CARDIO: Athletic shoes required.

Click BOOK NOW and log into your account or create an account. Here you can view our schedule, purchase and sign-up for classes, track visit and purchase history, as well as update your personal information.

We offer single classes, class packs, and monthly memberships.

We offer special rates for new clients, students, educators, nurses, and for wedding party participants. These are not available for sale online, so email us at to set yours up!

You can freeze your full price membership at any time for a minimum of seven (7) days and a maximum of one (1) month.

Members have unlimited access to all classes at Mōtiv Fitness | West University and our sister studio at Mōtiv Fitness | Tanglewood.  Free cycling shoe rentals, 15% off retail, and one free guest pass each month are included in the Mōtivated Plus Membership. Priority booking and late cancellations are also included in the Mōtivated Plus Membership.

Class cancellations made more than 2 hours before class start time do not incur a penalty fee. Cancellations made within 2 hours of class start time incur at $15 penalty fee; no shows incur a $20 penalty fee. Class pack clients forfeit their class credit for a late cancel or no show. Motivated Plus members have until 1 hour before class to cancel their spot before incurring a fee.

Class entry is closed five minutes after the class begins. Arrivals after the five-minute mark are considered a no-show. We do not allow late entry as it increases the risk for injury and is disruptive to the instructor and class participants.

  • Towel service 
  • Water bottle filler 
  • Restrooms (2) 
  • Showers (2)
  • Changing Rooms (2)
  • Lockers 
  • Cycling shoe rental ($4) 
  • Retail- lululemon, Alo Yoga, Varley, Bala Bangles, Pointe Studio, TIEM, and more
  • Food and beverages
  • Earplugs and hair ties available by request

While our classes are challenging, our instructors are trained in providing modifications where needed throughout class.

Before beginning any exercise routine, we advise prenatal and postpartum clients to talk with their medical provider. Our instructors are trained in providing modifications throughout class and are happy to discuss your questions and concerns before class begins.

Methods Offered at this Location

Get your groove on and get a workout in! This 60-minute cardio and strength-infused class is suitable for all levels and incorporates dance with sculpting movements for a workout that’s sure to leave you sweaty and smiling! While this class targets all major muscle groups to increase strength and improve cardiovascular health, it does so much more. Dance cardio has been shown to improve brain health, balance and stability, coordination, flexibility, and mood! Props may include wrist and ankle weights and resistance bands. 


Get ready to sweat in our new High Intensity Interval Training class. Heavy weights, explosive movements, and limited recovery are the focus in this stamina driven 45-minute class. Dynamic and compound movements target all major and minor muscle groups and results are delivered by way of repetition and time under tension. Plyometric movements are used to boost cardio heart health.


Ready, set, jump! This 45-minute high-intensity, low-impact class utilizes a mini-trampoline to challenge and improve cardiovascular health while strengthening all major muscle groups. The benefits of our Trampoline class are endless… it boosts balance and stability, strengthens pelvic floor muscles, sustains and improves bone health, and does so without all the pounding. Props may include hand and ankle weights, and resistance bands. 


This 60-minute high-intensity all-level class takes our Trampoline 45 to a more challenging level by incorporating greater strengthening and toning movements.  You will use a mini-trampoline to challenge and improve cardiovascular health while simultaneously strengthening all major muscle groups. The benefits of our Trampoline class are endless… it is gentle on joints, boosts balance and coordination.

Welcome to the best of both worlds. This 60-minute hybrid class pairs 30-minutes of cardio in our cycle room or our trampoline room with 30-minutes of barre. This total package of a class  improves cardiovascular endurance, lean muscle sculpting, core strengthening, overall posture improvements. Props may include: barre, playground ball, hand and ankle weights, and resistance bands.


This 60-minute total-body workout improves posture, increases lean muscle, and enhances overall core strength while utilizing the barre for a majority of the class. The importance of an engaged core is emphasized throughout class as it supports correct form. Increased flexibility is also given attention to as brief recovery periods are woven into the class to stretch. Props may include: playground ball, hand and ankle weights, and resistance bands.


Endurance and strength are further challenged in our Power Barre class, as we incorporate heavier weights, shorter recovery, and a full body focus in this higher intensity format.  Many techniques and movements remain the same as our Classic format, however you can expect longer periods of elevating your heart rate. Props may include heavier weights and resistance bands, which we incorporate to maximize intensity over 60 minutes.

Are you ready to get toned? This 45-minute whole-body workout incorporates repetition of strategic movements to fully fatigue all major muscle groups while strengthening lean muscle and increasing cardiovascular endurance. The importance of an engaged core is emphasized throughout class as it supports correct form, increases core strength, and improves balance and posture. Props may include: barre, playground ball, hand and ankle weights, and resistance bands.. 


Time to ride: this 45-minute high-intensity class targets all major muscle groups while building cardiovascular strength and endurance.  Legs and glutes are challenged with each turn of the pedal, improving tone and increasing muscle strength, both of which play a vital role in joint stability. Arms, back, and core muscles are kept engaged throughout the class to maintain the correct form while also strengthening and enhancing muscle tone, balance, and posture. The class is rhythm-based and our playlists are so fun, you might forget how incredible of a workout you’re doing! Props include hand weights.

CYCLING SHOES REQUIRED (rentals available)

Lengthen a lot… A 60-minute stretch class focused on lengthening the muscles, increasing mobility and reducing mental and physiological stress. By the end of class you will feel rejuvenated, lighter and definitely longer.

YOGA MAT REQUIRED (rentals available)

A unique class focused on slowing down and spending time on creating space within the body’s connective tissue and fascia. For 45 minutes, participants will incorporate longer stretch holds to increase flexibility, myofascial release, and maximum relaxation.

West University Location

2518 Bissonnet, Houston, TX 77005