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Midland Location

Methods Offered at this Location

Ready, set, jump! This 45-minute high-intensity, low-impact class utilizes a rebounder (mini-trampoline) to challenge and improve cardiovascular health while strengthening all major muscle groups. The benefits of our Jump 45 class are endless… it boosts balance and stability, strengthens pelvic floor muscles, strengthens bones, is a more effective calorie burn than many other forms of cardio, and more! Props may include hand weights, resistance bands, & sliders


A 45 minute class designed to build strength and endurance while incorporating cardio work and lengthening movements. This workout incorporates at least 3 circuits made up of several positions and a variety of exercises performed at a quick pace. Each circuit will target both upper and lower body training as well as core work and cardio blasts. 4+ pound weights, sliders and resistance bands are used throughout this class which is organized in our mat format.

Tennis shoes are required.

Whether you’ve had a long day at work, a hectic week with the kids, or just need to realign your body and mind – yoga is the perfect activity. Mōtiv Yoga is a 45-minute class that focuses on stretching and strengthening your muscles while simultaneously easing psychological and physiological stress. Every instructor brings their own personality and flavor to the class, so be sure to try them all!


Welcome to the best of both worlds. This 60-minute hybrid class pairs 30-minutes of Cycle with 30-minutes of Barre to improve cardiovascular endurance, define lean muscles, strengthen your core, and improve posture. Props may include: Barre, sculpt ball, hand weights, resistance bands, & sliders.


Are you ready to get toned? This 45-minute whole-body workout incorporates repetition of strategic movements to fully fatigue all major muscle groups while strengthening and defining lean muscles and increasing cardiovascular endurance. The importance of an engaged core is emphasized throughout class as it supports correct form, increases core strength, and improves balance and posture. Props may include: Barre, sculpt ball, hand weights, resistance bands, & sliders.


Time to ride: this 45-minute high-intensity class targets all major muscle groups while building cardiovascular strength and endurance. Legs and glutes are challenged with each turn of the pedal, improving tone and increasing muscle strength, both of which play a vital role in joint stability. Arms, back, and core muscles are kept engaged throughout the class to maintain the correct form while also strengthening and enhancing muscle tone, balance, and posture. The class is rhythm-based and our playlists are so fun, you might forget how incredible of a workout you’re doing! Props include hand weights.

CYCLING SHOES REQUIRED (rentals available)

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The Midland Team

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Savannah Davis

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Midland Location

2101 W. Wadley Ave, Suite 11, Midland, Tx 79705